July 6, 2018


Im back. What can I say, this blog stuff is super easy to forget about. I'd like to apologize to the three people who will read this for the neglect. 

On May 4th I had another Hide n Seek Shoot for Nick Jr. It was a good one, we shot in East Williamsburg with Dane Tashima. Props people, besides me, were Peter S, Aniza I, and Amanda C. Noel C ran the show. Pretty soon afterwards I had a shoot with Sky Pie Studios! Love those guys and shout of to Boris and Daniel for bringing me on. this one was for Tropicana and I was charged with making the paper props and did some animating as well. I had Danny assisting, and got to work with some really cool people including Ilya, Ariel and Wendy, who helped out a lot. I got to make a bunch of 3D emojis, there was a social media theme. Best craft services I've ever had, all around good times.

I did a couple other shoots with Spencer Starnes, who shot some of my paper foods. The first was a wacky shoot in a hotel room in Jersey, shooting e-comm for Carlos Santana's shoe line. The second was with Edith and her authentic Victoria's Secret Wings. Funny how me and Spencer keep tossing work back and forth. I expressed some interest in learning how to photo assist and he was gracious enough to teach me. In return I just got a videography gig for Vita Coco. They're painting a mural in Greenpoint and wanted to document the process. I went out of town last week so I asked if he would want to take it over. Good thing too because he did it WAY better than I could have. Had to hand editing over to him too because i didn’t have the time or energy or computer power to do it. Turned out great (in my opinion)

Before that though I got to do another shoot with Nickelodeon. We did a shoot last year called "pug house" which is a parody of Loud House with pugs. We made costumes and props for it and had to do a repeat this time. Aniza was the lead and Amanda, Bayley, Devlin, Keegan and I were assisting. It was a fun shoot in a super strange studio in Long Island City. Those dogs are stinky but sooooo cute. (pics below.) They kept peeing on the green screen so that was a neat challenge. Alex Foley and Sabrina directed. Noel was the point person, but she had to delegate it to Aniza because of her full time @ TruTV. 

Yesterday I did another cereal portrait at Nick Jr. This one was Skye from Paw Patrol done in the Kix/Paw Patrol branded cereal crossover. I had Ariel (formerly of SkyPie) assisting and she was awesome. Shouts out to Myriam and Andrea for art directing and production coordination respectively. I think this one turned out good.

On the 2nd Marissa and I flew to Portland, where we spent the night at a hotel. The next day, her and I drove down to Bend, Oregon with her dad and step mom, Phil and Marissa and two half siblings, Diana and Gabriel. Portland is such a beautiful city, and the drive through the forests and deserts was amazing. We saw some incredible mountains and a dam, and saw volcanic Buttes and scorched earth where there had been controlled fires. Bend is a cute little city as well, the terrain is high desert so there was a ton of sand and brush. We got to ride bikes and explore. Phil drove us up to the top of a Butte so we got incredible views of the surrounding mountains. I had a really great time staying at their house, it was great being with a family. I like marissas younger siblings a lot. 

We rented a car in Bend and ended up with a truck which I was kind of bummed about, but Marissa enjoyed driving. We drove down through Oregon and Weed, CA and got into Redding CA that night (about 5.5 hours). We would have liked to see Mt. Shasta during the day but it was dark by the time we drove past. As soon as we got to Redding we got In-N-Out (Northern-most location I believe) and crashed at a motel. Redding kind of sucks (no offense to anyone who lives there), we both got creepy vibes from it. In the morning we drove all the way from there to Novato, CA (3.5 hours). Spent about four days in Novato, got the chance to hang out with my uncle george, who gave us a tour of the city. It was amazing to hear his stories about being an San Francisco transplant in the 1950’s. We got to see Marissa’s brother, ryan’s graduation and flew home by way of atlanta which is a stupid airport. 

Since then a lot has happened, but that makes sense when you don’t update your blog for three months. Pugs and cereal portrait went live. I did a really fun project with Mighty Oak for Vox and Netflix. It was absolutely wild seeing something i animated and fabricated on Netflix. The episode was about the stock market which i still don’t understand. If you want to see it go to the Stock Market Episode of “explained” at around 18:35. Thank you Mighty Oak!

I went went to baltimore for a few days while my mom was in the UK to watch the house and I have a car now. I inherited my moms scion ta (2007?) so that will be really useful for getting to Marissa’s shows and taking the cats to the vet etc. (thanks mom) Having a car is not fun in NYC, but i haven’t had (or needed) wheels since 2012 so it’s a little fun. 

On Monday i did a super secret pitch for a gig that i can’t talk about. But i really really hope it gets approved. It was so anxiety inducing to have so much time and money reliant on a single pitch but i think i’m a more rounded animator because of it. If it goes through that’s my whole July and August taken care of, and i hope to bring some of my favorite people and collaborators onto it. More later, shhhh. 

This is week and maybe next i’m storyboarding for Visual Country. I have so so much respect for these guys and i hope i don’t let them down. Shout out to Anna Outridge for letting me name drop her in my interview. I’m so fortunate to get the opportunity to work with these stop motion companies that I love. 

Anyways, more later (much later?) If you’ve made it this far thanks for reading and I hope you have a great July 4th (if you celebrate it). <3

Samuel Shumway