Apr 24, 2018

Another big break between blog posts! 

Coming back off of our England trip I got reached out to by Cat Navaro to do some paper props for an upcoming Spotify spec shoot. It was really cool, I was tasked with creating 62 paper buildings for a scrolling stop motion video where a car would be static and the environment would scale past.  We came in under the wire, spending 7 days prepping, 1 day of load in, and one day of shooting. Amanda Chung was in charge of the "town" buildings, Mickey Hoover was in charge of the rural fields and mountains, and Minkyung Chung did a little bit of everything. We shot at Dream Machine Creative on March 15th in Chinatown and was pleased to find out that Zach Poots was the DP, who I worked with on Mighty Oak's Air Bnb video. They didn't hire an animator so Amanda and I stepped into that role. The shoot itself ended up going past midnight, so it was a long day made longer by the fact that I had to go to Baltimore that night for a small family emergency. So I fulfilled a lifelong dream of working a 15 hour day and then experiencing Penn Station at 3am. It was a really great project and I would love to do more stuff like that in the future! 

I took 10 days off in Baltimore, Marissa came down on the second weekend and we got to hang out with Ian, and we went to D.C. to go to the March for our Lives. Two years ago when we were first dating we did the same thing (under a happier political climate) and stayed with her cousin/ did the museum tour. This time we went to the Newseum, which I LOVED. As a 20th century history junkie it was so cool to see preserved newspapers reporting on major events, like the JFK assassination or the declaration of war in WW2. Unfortunately we only had about an hour to see everything which was barely enough time. Afterwards we went to the same sushi restaurant we went to two years prior, and by coincidence were seated in the same spot with the same bartender. Afterwards we saw Isle of Dogs which was incredible. (We saw it again this past Friday). Im not sure where it ranks on my list of wes Anderson movies. Top three are still Life Aquatic, Royal Tennenbaums, and Moonrise Kingdom. Time will tell.

Last week I had the pleasure of working with two studios I greatly admire. I spent 3.5 days with Mighty Oak! (my favorite peeps) and one day with Sky Pie Studios, who I will be doing another day for this week. Mighty Oak gave me some animation work which I loved. 

I got selected with about 60 other people to be in a show called Foodies at Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis, so I made this paper sculpture and asked if I could send it to them, because originally they were asking for prints instead. They were super friendly and into the idea of having the physical sculpture so I packed it myself and sent it. It was a little bit of a headache packing something that delicate but its insured and it'll be arriving any day now. Fingers crossed it survived. The show opens on the 27th I believe. The paper ramen bowl I made was very popular on Instagram. I know you're not supposed to care about that sort of thing, but it got over 700 likes which is way beyond the next most popular (475 likes) so not sure why that resonated with people but it felt nice to get all that love. 

Not sure what else is now, I haven't made anything this week yet, because I'm a little burnt out but I've been doing a lot of research on making puppets to animate. Throughout my very short "career" I've doing exclusively commercial stop motion, as opposed to narrative. and I want to learn the craft to be a little more well rounded. I keep making these big plans and then souring on them, but I think it would be so cool to make a really short film (2-4 mins). Im not a very talented storyteller though, so thats where I'm struggling. 

Anyways, I have another Nickelodeon shoot on the 4th of May, but other than that, pretty open May. If you're reading this and you're hiring: hit me up!!

Pics below, more pics of the Spotify stuff is in the "Behind the scenes" section of my site. I'm too lazy to upload them here as well.

Samuel Shumway