Feb 7, 2018

Back again. The end of January/early February has been a whirlwind. 

On Saturday (2.3) the Super Bowl post for Nickelodeon went live on Youtube. It turned out really really good. Big props to whoever did the edit. I went in again on Tuesday (1.30) to do a quick and dirty Valentines day DIY shoot. Amanda Chung was the hand model, Keegan Gay and I ran the set. Dana was the producer, first time working with her as well as Jonathan, who I've seen around Nick but never worked with him. It was a good shoot, very scrappy. 

The next three days (1.31-2.1) I was brought on as an assistant animator for a Mighty Oak shoot for Air Bnb. It was a handful of brutal 12+ hour days but it was AWESOME. It was so cool to see how cohesively these talented Oak's work together. I was assisting Victoria A (lead animator) who is a stop motion magician. Also present was DP Zach P, creative director Michaela O, producer Niki J. Rose K and Katie T were art dept. Not forget Greg the PA who is the chillest guy ever. In general Im most comfortable being on set, but this one was particularly nice because the content was so cool. The premise was basically advice for hosts to make their Airbnb listing more desirable, so it was a lot of styling and gradually changing rooms from messy/disorganized to clean. Victoria and Zach are a stop motion dream-team and big thanks to Rose for letting me do some art dept work on downtime because that stuff is my jam. Biggest thanks of all goes to Niki for running such tight set and just generally being great. I did a lil green screen hand modeling on Friday. These babies pay the bills, I'm only along for the ride. 

Took this weekend to recover and watch the Super Bowl with M. Eagles managed to pull it off somehow (go eagles!). M and I stayed in and made twice-baked potatoes, spinach artichoke dip, lil pigs in a blanket, pre-cooked ribs? (not good, don't recommend), and nachos. Last year we made ribs (from scratch) in the crock pot and took them to The Craic in Williamsburg to watch the game, but we both needed a quiet weekend this time. It was nice.

Monday (2.5) I went in to Mighty Oak to do some fabrication stuff. They are doing a handful of miniature rooms so I made a kitchen countertop according to their style frames and the cutest tiniest boat to sit atop a dresser in the bedroom. Pics below. Had the pleasure of working with Sami Kerwin (@sami.kerwin), Hillary _____, Emily Collins (@emily_collins), and Anthony Galente (@iamgalente). I was a little intimidated at first but once we got going it was super smooth. Looking forward to seeing these spots! As per my last blog post, working with the Oak's is still the best part of 2018 so far. 


On Tuesday (2.27) I got asked to do another shoot at Nick, this time by myself. Its in the same vein as the spots I did with Danny Aviles back in October but with cereal instead of candy corn. National cereal day is 3.7. I've asked if I can bring an assistant because its a lot for one person to do, so we'll see what they say. 

Feeling good about 2018 so far. Just got to keep hustling. 


Samuel Shumway