Jan 22, 2018

.....I'm back. A lot has been going on, most of it good. The Ballpit Mag interview went up!  Other than that December was very slow. I continued to do this video for Klutz, which is coming along.

Marissa and I stayed in NYC for Xmas, my mom and brother came up to visit and it was nice, if a little stressful hosting. Marissa was very sad not to be with her family understandably. I think next year we'll make sure that happens. We got some incredibly thoughtful gifts from her Poppy and Nancy, as well as from my grandparents. I got her a heated blanket (hers broke) and she got me a drone(!!!) which I still haven't opened because I'm too intimidated by it HA. We made a turkey ham in the oven which turned out better than we thought it would. The next day I took the train to Baltimore to housesit for my mom while she was visiting my grandparents in the UK. Marissa joined me on the 29th and we attended Adam Weiner and Andy Carroll's wedding. Adam was my first roommate in college and it was SO nice to see some of my old friends including Dan Berkowitz, Drew Sanders, Zach Turner, Chase DuBois and more. Sad that Harper Alexander couldn't make it but I saw him over the summer in LA. Then Marissa and I had a very quiet, uneventful New Years at my mom's house and came back to NYC on the 2nd. 

Its clear to me that my biggest New Years resolution is to become better with money, and I don't know what I would do without M. The first two weeks of 2018 were spent coasting off my last Nickelodeon paycheck and I've been hustling like crazy for work. Very uninspired recently as far as making paper food, but still back-burnering the end goal of making a paper cookbook. I'm so thankful for the attention and work Ive gotten from my paper food on instagram so I need to remind myself that its the best way to get exposure.  

On a more uplifting note, before Christmas break I got two pretty interesting gigs. The first was for the Swedish watch company Daniel Wellington. They wanted a 10 second social post for New Years in exchange for a watch. I don't normally work for watches but it was a cool gig and I got total creative freedom so I took it. The other gig was for Berlin based food delivery company Foodora (kind of like their version of Seamless, i believe). January is vegetarian/vegan month so they asked for 5 quick and dirty loops for their blog illustrating "fruit facts", in the vein of "did you know apples and pears are in the rose family?" I sent those off this morning so hopefully they'll get back to me. It was a VERY MESSY shoot. I used a bedsheet as seamless and there was popcorn grease and tomato guts all over it by the end. 

On Friday (1.19) I did another quick shoot at Nickelodeon, making DIY snacks for the super bowl (Patriots vs. Eagles, go EAGLES!!!). Amanda Chung and I were the hand models, Noel Claro, propmaster, and Peter Samuels assisted. Kelly directed, good to work with her again. She's a no nonsense director who knows exactly what she wants which I admire a lot. Got to see Andrew Roland and Morgan Rosenthal as well, always a pleasure. Those will go live on or before 2.4. Pics below. 

On Wednesday (1.17) Marissa (Grl Supply) got invited to set up a table at a WeWork event at Madison Square Garden. Neither of us had a clue what we were getting into but it was really cool. It was more like a trade show with a lot of non-profits and WeWork users and we set up in the lobby while there was a performance by Mackelmore (yeah, i dunno) and award ceremony in the theater. Very weird and casual but people were into her stuff and there was free food and drinks so it was pretty worth it. 

Guess thats all for now, Ian Cameron, one of my best childhood friends is visiting this weekend, good to have him :)

OMG! I totally forgot to mention the BEST PART of 2018 SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!! In early January I reached out to A Mighty Oak to ask if they needed any help with anything i.e. animation, storyboarding, editing etc etc. If you don't know Mighty Oak you should. They run a stop motion studio out of Red Hook and have worked with tons of companies to create awesome animation work. I was introduced through Myriam Wilson and Noel Claro and I've followed them on instagram for a long time. I believe they're mostly RISD grads? Emily Collins, the Creative director reached out to me and asked if I'd come in the next day to do some storyboarding (Heck yes!!!) and I had the best time. Firstly, I finally got back into doing some illustration, which was rusty even though thats what my degree is in. Secondly I forgot how amazing and stimulating it is to work in a collaborative environment. I was also graced with the presence of some incredible people including but not limited to Jess Peterson, founder. Anthony Galente, @Iamgalente, art director (i think?), and Marisha ____, an editor (again, i think). I worked one full day and one 3/4 day the next week. The 3/4 day was a little rocky because I had to face my worst fear (AfterEffects) and I kept making dumb mistakes like making gif's not loop continuously and asking dumb AE questions but they are aware that my wheelhouse is fabrication, illustration and Dragonframe animation so I think they'll give the editing to someone more qualified than me in the future. Meantime I've been spending a lot of time with youtube tutorials, trying to crash course my way into Intermediacy. Anyways, I hope I get the chance to work with them again because its been the highlight of my year so far. 

Pics below, more pics later, phone's acting up. 

Samuel Shumway