Dec 6, 2017

Well, its been a pretty crazy week or two. Coming off of Thanksgiving I got two interesting emails. The first was from Creative Boom ( asking if I would be interested in being featured on their site (heck yes). The second was from Ballpit Magazine asking if I'd be willing to be interviewed (also yes) Creative Boom got posted immediately on their site and social which was really nice. We'll see when Ballpit Magazine posts my interview and Ill post it here. Very exciting stuff, im humbled that people think my paper food is interesting enough to share to their readers. My fear is that I'll get stuck in the paper food box and won't be able to break out with my other work, but thats a problem for future me (or maybe not a problem at all, who knows.)

Link to the Creative boom feature here . Titled "Paper Food By Samuel Shumway That Looks Good Enough to Eat." Big thanks to Katy Cowan who reached out to me for it. 

The other big news is that the Thinx holiday campaign dropped!! Imposting the screengrabs below. I think they look amazing!! Big big props to the photographer who made these boxes look so good and of course to Miles at Thinx for being my contact there. 

Other than that I have an illustration commission that im working on, nothing too crazy. I'm also making a DIY video for Klutz which has been in the works for a while. Unfortunately its required a couple reshoots but hopefully that means itll look really great when its finally done. Deadline isnt  until February so not too stressed over it. 

Lastly Noel Claro reached out to me on Friday asking if I could come into Parson's to help construct a series of laser cut buildings for a Parson's x Benjamin Moore collaboration. That was a lot of fun. Pics below. We are going to do another High N Seek shoot for Nick Jr. next week so stay tuned for some BTS pics from that. It'll be good to get back on set, working from home is driving me crazy a little. 

No other big news except it looks like M and I will be staying in New York for Christmas this year. A little excited about that, Trying to find cat sitters around the holidays sucks. We got our tree last week and it looks really nice. 

Samuel Shumway