Dec 16, 2017

Another stupid crazy week. Im surprised at myself for maintaining this blog but I think I'm going to want to remember this one so its not been too difficult to get it all out there.

There's been a snowball effect thanks to that Creative Boom article and I have Katy Cowan to thank for that (Thanks Katy!). It seems like three consecutive days in a row I've woken up to a stream of notifications. I got reposted on instagram by Etapes, a French Design blog as well as their website, as well as Design and Paper (Vienna, Austria). I also was reached out to by Fubiz, a huge French Design company asking for a feature (yes, of course!) and got reposted on instagram on Fubiz Food. The paper food is trending well in France for some reason. The Ballpit Mag interview hasnt dropped yet, but thats ok :) I also got reblogged by the biggest instagram handle yet, Yorukobu for a total of 1084 likes which was incredible. Some other notable reposts, Shahrtash Studio, in Tehran, Iran, who translated my Creative Boom article. @TapachulaTLV, in Tel Aviv, Israel. @TheAgnularStones in Madrid, Spain. I think thats all i can remember right now.

Its been incredibly humbling knowing that people enjoy my paper food. Food is a global unifier, it seems. Here's to hoping I can keep it up :)

On Thursday (12.14) I was on a shoot for Nick Jr. at Shio Studio's in East Williamsburg. Dane Tashima was the photographer. I got the priviledge of working with my prop buddies, Aniza and Peter under Noel Claro. Kristen Williams was design director, Myriam WIlson was PC, Lauren Tempesta was the PA. This is my third shoot with this premise, the first being about 18 months ago. This was an i-spy style game where you find the character among their props. I think it'll turn out nicely. 

On Sunday (12.10) was Marissa's triumphant return the the Queens Craft Brigade in Astoria, Queens. We got there really early to set up, her sales went really well. I left early, I think we both ate something gnarly. She also did a workshop at Bulletin on Wednesday (12.13) which was sold out. She would bring the banners and a bunch of hand cut letters and people would make their own custom banners. Some very cool banners came out of that. I love the ransom-note style type. 

More later, pics below as usual. Snow yesterday,I spent the day at the Met and saw the David Hockney exhibit. Beautiful. 

PS. I added a "press" section to my website, probably premature but it makes me feel good

PPS. Working on a short social post for Daniel Wellington, the watch company tonight, will post later. They sent me a beautiful watch. 

Samuel Shumway