Nov 18, 2017

I told you I'd forget to update this didnt I?


Today (11.8) was the Spongebob "You Bring the Color" FB live event! Unfortunately i was watching it from my bed instead of being on set :( Monday (11.7)  we did a full load-in and dress rehearsal. Saw lots of familiar faces, Shayla, JZ, Anne Jacobs, Kristen Williams, Keve (the gaffer and all around great guy) Lauren Tempesta, New DP called Nick, etc etc. I got to Noel's at 7:30am and we each drove a car full of probs to Viacom loading dock. I was feeling gnarly around 10am and it got progressively worse all day, fever-y and with a cough. The cough was the big problem, I can't be on set for a Facebook live video with live audio coughing. Got home and wrote in sick. I felt awful about it, this is the second time I've taken off work due to illness in a month (the first being the cut finger a few weeks ago). From what I hear the video went great, it definitely looked great from where I was watching it. Shout out to Peter Samuels for stepping in to fill my place last minute. Worked with Aniza, Amanda and Noel to prep for this, see last post

Also today I had to drop off my paper boxes for Thinx! I really enjoyed this project, I just wish I'd had a little more time. This was a week turnaround on 10 boxes (5 designs, 2 each) and there wasnt a ton of room for trial and error. This will be for a Holiday campaign called "Seasons Bleedings" (Thinx is a period-proof underwear company), so the boxes needed to have "doors" that open outward. I say "boxes" but thats not quite right, see pics bellow. Thanks again to Nicole Licht (@yomissnicole) and also @milesbaretto for being my point person there. Miles graduated w/ Marissa at Parsons. Small world.

Battling this/fever/cough/cold whatever for the rest of the week, fortunately I have no gigs coming up so I've got recovery time. 

11.18 UPDATE!

I did two more paper foods that im pretty proud of. Attached below. I also made a holiday card with my roomates.

Samuel Shumway