Nov 1, 2017

This past weekend was pretty nuts, Marissa ( had to make a hundred banners for Bulletin, a pop up store for women crafters and creatives. We ended up making around 27 before we realized how insane that was. We worked Friday night, a big chunk of Saturday and all of Sunday sewing and cutting out letters (totally not my wheelhouse, Marissa had to give me pretty explicit instructions) and M didnt go to work on Monday because of overworking. BUT we got to binge all of Stranger Things.

On Tuesday (Halloween) I went to Noel Claro's to prep for a Nickelodeon Facebook Live shoot that is happening next Tuesday. The idea is that two people will be making Spongebob and Patrick out of found objects for 90 mins on FB and veiwers can give them challenges to complete. Aniza and Terrell will be the talent, Aniza, Amanda Chung (@amdachu) and I will be assisting Noel. Shayla, Jonathan and Myriam will be directing, coordinating, and camera-op-ing. We load in on Monday and shoot on Tuesday.

Also Tuesday I went to Thinx, a company that specializes in making period-proof underwear for women for a meeting. Im making a 5 paper "boxes" that open to reveal gift cards for the holidays. Thanks to Nicole Licht (@yomissnicole) for recommending me.  More on that later.

Monday was National Candy Corn Day! The two videos I made for Nick got posted on their respective instagrams. The Spongebob one in particular did really well (33.5k views, 11.4k likes) so that was nice to see. Shout out to Danny Aviles for helping out and Myriam Wilson for coordinating. Also to Kristen Williams for her direction. I've always enjoyed working with them. 

Yesterday the Viacom pumpkin got posted! Special thanks to Marie Mihna for getting me that gig and also for shooting it, it looked great. 

Lastly I made a cute, really quick and dirty stop motion for Halloween. It was likely the least effort I've made on an animation ever but it was simple and turned out really funny. Posted below. 

Thats all for now, more soon. 

Samuel Shumway