Oct 24, 2017

Second blog post. Today started pretty early. I handed off the pumpkin i've been carving for Viacom. Due to short shelf life, my Sunday was entirely devoted to carving so it would be fresh to shoot. Marie Mhina got me this gig (lots of love, @worthlesscxnt) and she came over early on her way to work to grab it. Super unique ask: One pumpkin with all of Viacom's umbrella logos carved into it (MTV, BET, Nick, Nick jr., Comedy Central, Viacom and Paramount) Very Very big thanks to Marie for recommending me and being so into the carved pumpkin.

Still working on the CandyCorn edit. Contrary to my previous post National Candy Corn Day is Oct. 30th not Oct 23th so thank goodness for that. Getting notes and making fixes thanks to Myriam Wilson. 

On Thursday night I cut my left index finger with an x-acto. Believe it or not first cut i've ever gotten with an x-acto that needed medical attention in all my time using them, which is pretty incredible. I was working on nothing important which is a bummer, I was cutting foamcore without scoring it. Always score, dont hack at it. M and I went to the ER Friday morning and got it patched up. Almost 80% healed as I type this late Monday but put a big damper on any paper work I'd been formulating. Tiny phobia of blades developing, hopefully temporary. 

Last week I assisted Noel Claro (@noelclaro) with Amanda Chung (@amdachu) on a shoot by Leeway with Curious Jane and Barnes and Noble. I couldn't assist the shoot because I was working on the Viacom pumpkin but I spent two days building props. Pics attached. Cant wait to see how it turns out, usually we work in mirco so macro was a fun challenge.

Lastly tonight I'm helping Grl.Supply, the lifestyle brand of my gf and bff Marissa prep for her upcoming market thats still under wraps. More about that soon but she needs at least 10 of each of her banners for wholesale purposes so im helping cut out letters. 

On Oct 16 I went to Klutz to talk about a new DIY video for a make-your-own-stickers situation. Looks like it might be a solo December shoot. Details l8r.  Saw Kristen (@kristencarder) a fellow fair vendor who's work outside (and inside obv)  of Klutz is f-ing awesome. 

also business cards came from! Thank you Moo!

Samuel Shumway