Oct 12, 2017

Since creating this website I think its important to have a log of what happened and when. I have left behind a long legacy of empty diaries, and in conjunction with poor memory it has resulted in lots of forgotten moments. This blog is an attempt to remedy that, so we'll see how it goes. 

Yesterday I was at Nickelodeon, shooting a stop motion post of Mikey from TMNT out of Halloween Candy, particularly candy corn for National Candy Corn Day (Oct. 23). Danny Aviles assisted and Myriam Wilson was the production coordinator. JZ (Jonathan) was the producer. We used my two soft boxes as the LED panels were not available. Today I'm editing the footage and tomorrow we're back in the studio to shoot Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants. Shayla will be producing with oversight from Kristen Williams. 

For these candy builds I'll usually build the whole thing in advance and capture the removal of one candy per frame via Dragonframe. Then in post I'll reverse it so it looks like the candy is building itself. In addition we'll be creating a title card ("Happy Candy Corn Day") to also be reversed. 

Meanwhile I'm working on the new website for Leeway, a content production company. Its been a little slow with everything else thats going on but we hope to launch the week of October 23rd. Ill be assisting on set Sunday Oct. 22 for a shoot with Curious Jane x Barnes and Noble and hopefully get some stills and BTS from that shoot for the website. 

Also on October 23rd I'll be delivering a pumpkin carving to Viacom that I've been commissioned to do. It will have all the logos that of Viacom's sub-companies (MTV, BET, Paramount etc) carved into it. Im a little apprehensive about this one because the shelf life of a carved pumpkin is very very short, meaning I can't get started until the weekend before. Also if I mess up a logo I'll need to start from scratch on a new pumpkin. The process for this will be printing the logos on transfer paper and using lino cut tools. Ill be working on a test pumpkin this weekend. 

Lastly, I had some free time on Monday so I made a little paper ice cream truck. I think it turned out really cute. 

Thats all for now. Fingers crossed I can keep this up!

Samuel Shumway