July 6, 2018


Im back. What can I say, this blog stuff is super easy to forget about. I'd like to apologize to the three people who will read this for the neglect. 

On May 4th I had another Hide n Seek Shoot for Nick Jr. It was a good one, we shot in East Williamsburg with Dane Tashima. Props people, besides me, were Peter S, Aniza I, and Amanda C. Noel C ran the show. Pretty soon afterwards I had a shoot with Sky Pie Studios! Love those guys and shout of to Boris and Daniel for bringing me on. this one was for Tropicana and I was charged with making the paper props and did some animating as well. I had Danny assisting, and got to work with some really cool people including Ilya, Ariel and Wendy, who helped out a lot. I got to make a bunch of 3D emojis, there was a social media theme. Best craft services I've ever had, all around good times.

I did a couple other shoots with Spencer Starnes, who shot some of my paper foods. The first was a wacky shoot in a hotel room in Jersey, shooting e-comm for Carlos Santana's shoe line. The second was with Edith and her authentic Victoria's Secret Wings. Funny how me and Spencer keep tossing work back and forth. I expressed some interest in learning how to photo assist and he was gracious enough to teach me. In return I just got a videography gig for Vita Coco. They're painting a mural in Greenpoint and wanted to document the process. I went out of town last week so I asked if he would want to take it over. Good thing too because he did it WAY better than I could have. Had to hand editing over to him too because i didn’t have the time or energy or computer power to do it. Turned out great (in my opinion)

Before that though I got to do another shoot with Nickelodeon. We did a shoot last year called "pug house" which is a parody of Loud House with pugs. We made costumes and props for it and had to do a repeat this time. Aniza was the lead and Amanda, Bayley, Devlin, Keegan and I were assisting. It was a fun shoot in a super strange studio in Long Island City. Those dogs are stinky but sooooo cute. (pics below.) They kept peeing on the green screen so that was a neat challenge. Alex Foley and Sabrina directed. Noel was the point person, but she had to delegate it to Aniza because of her full time @ TruTV. 

Yesterday I did another cereal portrait at Nick Jr. This one was Skye from Paw Patrol done in the Kix/Paw Patrol branded cereal crossover. I had Ariel (formerly of SkyPie) assisting and she was awesome. Shouts out to Myriam and Andrea for art directing and production coordination respectively. I think this one turned out good.

On the 2nd Marissa and I flew to Portland, where we spent the night at a hotel. The next day, her and I drove down to Bend, Oregon with her dad and step mom, Phil and Marissa and two half siblings, Diana and Gabriel. Portland is such a beautiful city, and the drive through the forests and deserts was amazing. We saw some incredible mountains and a dam, and saw volcanic Buttes and scorched earth where there had been controlled fires. Bend is a cute little city as well, the terrain is high desert so there was a ton of sand and brush. We got to ride bikes and explore. Phil drove us up to the top of a Butte so we got incredible views of the surrounding mountains. I had a really great time staying at their house, it was great being with a family. I like marissas younger siblings a lot. 

We rented a car in Bend and ended up with a truck which I was kind of bummed about, but Marissa enjoyed driving. We drove down through Oregon and Weed, CA and got into Redding CA that night (about 5.5 hours). We would have liked to see Mt. Shasta during the day but it was dark by the time we drove past. As soon as we got to Redding we got In-N-Out (Northern-most location I believe) and crashed at a motel. Redding kind of sucks (no offense to anyone who lives there), we both got creepy vibes from it. In the morning we drove all the way from there to Novato, CA (3.5 hours). Spent about four days in Novato, got the chance to hang out with my uncle george, who gave us a tour of the city. It was amazing to hear his stories about being an San Francisco transplant in the 1950’s. We got to see Marissa’s brother, ryan’s graduation and flew home by way of atlanta which is a stupid airport. 

Since then a lot has happened, but that makes sense when you don’t update your blog for three months. Pugs and cereal portrait went live. I did a really fun project with Mighty Oak for Vox and Netflix. It was absolutely wild seeing something i animated and fabricated on Netflix. The episode was about the stock market which i still don’t understand. If you want to see it go to the Stock Market Episode of “explained” at around 18:35. Thank you Mighty Oak!

I went went to baltimore for a few days while my mom was in the UK to watch the house and I have a car now. I inherited my moms scion ta (2007?) so that will be really useful for getting to Marissa’s shows and taking the cats to the vet etc. (thanks mom) Having a car is not fun in NYC, but i haven’t had (or needed) wheels since 2012 so it’s a little fun. 

On Monday i did a super secret pitch for a gig that i can’t talk about. But i really really hope it gets approved. It was so anxiety inducing to have so much time and money reliant on a single pitch but i think i’m a more rounded animator because of it. If it goes through that’s my whole July and August taken care of, and i hope to bring some of my favorite people and collaborators onto it. More later, shhhh. 

This is week and maybe next i’m storyboarding for Visual Country. I have so so much respect for these guys and i hope i don’t let them down. Shout out to Anna Outridge for letting me name drop her in my interview. I’m so fortunate to get the opportunity to work with these stop motion companies that I love. 

Anyways, more later (much later?) If you’ve made it this far thanks for reading and I hope you have a great July 4th (if you celebrate it). <3

Samuel Shumway
Apr 24, 2018

Another big break between blog posts! 

Coming back off of our England trip I got reached out to by Cat Navaro to do some paper props for an upcoming Spotify spec shoot. It was really cool, I was tasked with creating 62 paper buildings for a scrolling stop motion video where a car would be static and the environment would scale past.  We came in under the wire, spending 7 days prepping, 1 day of load in, and one day of shooting. Amanda Chung was in charge of the "town" buildings, Mickey Hoover was in charge of the rural fields and mountains, and Minkyung Chung did a little bit of everything. We shot at Dream Machine Creative on March 15th in Chinatown and was pleased to find out that Zach Poots was the DP, who I worked with on Mighty Oak's Air Bnb video. They didn't hire an animator so Amanda and I stepped into that role. The shoot itself ended up going past midnight, so it was a long day made longer by the fact that I had to go to Baltimore that night for a small family emergency. So I fulfilled a lifelong dream of working a 15 hour day and then experiencing Penn Station at 3am. It was a really great project and I would love to do more stuff like that in the future! 

I took 10 days off in Baltimore, Marissa came down on the second weekend and we got to hang out with Ian, and we went to D.C. to go to the March for our Lives. Two years ago when we were first dating we did the same thing (under a happier political climate) and stayed with her cousin/ did the museum tour. This time we went to the Newseum, which I LOVED. As a 20th century history junkie it was so cool to see preserved newspapers reporting on major events, like the JFK assassination or the declaration of war in WW2. Unfortunately we only had about an hour to see everything which was barely enough time. Afterwards we went to the same sushi restaurant we went to two years prior, and by coincidence were seated in the same spot with the same bartender. Afterwards we saw Isle of Dogs which was incredible. (We saw it again this past Friday). Im not sure where it ranks on my list of wes Anderson movies. Top three are still Life Aquatic, Royal Tennenbaums, and Moonrise Kingdom. Time will tell.

Last week I had the pleasure of working with two studios I greatly admire. I spent 3.5 days with Mighty Oak! (my favorite peeps) and one day with Sky Pie Studios, who I will be doing another day for this week. Mighty Oak gave me some animation work which I loved. 

I got selected with about 60 other people to be in a show called Foodies at Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis, so I made this paper sculpture and asked if I could send it to them, because originally they were asking for prints instead. They were super friendly and into the idea of having the physical sculpture so I packed it myself and sent it. It was a little bit of a headache packing something that delicate but its insured and it'll be arriving any day now. Fingers crossed it survived. The show opens on the 27th I believe. The paper ramen bowl I made was very popular on Instagram. I know you're not supposed to care about that sort of thing, but it got over 700 likes which is way beyond the next most popular (475 likes) so not sure why that resonated with people but it felt nice to get all that love. 

Not sure what else is now, I haven't made anything this week yet, because I'm a little burnt out but I've been doing a lot of research on making puppets to animate. Throughout my very short "career" I've doing exclusively commercial stop motion, as opposed to narrative. and I want to learn the craft to be a little more well rounded. I keep making these big plans and then souring on them, but I think it would be so cool to make a really short film (2-4 mins). Im not a very talented storyteller though, so thats where I'm struggling. 

Anyways, I have another Nickelodeon shoot on the 4th of May, but other than that, pretty open May. If you're reading this and you're hiring: hit me up!!

Pics below, more pics of the Spotify stuff is in the "Behind the scenes" section of my site. I'm too lazy to upload them here as well.

Samuel Shumway
Feb 28, 2018

Here comes another long blog post. 

'On the 18th (Sunday) Marissa and I flew out of JFK to London Heathrow. It was a pretty painless flight. Left the cats with Eumi who was watching them for our trip. It marked Marissa's first trip outside the country, she was especially stoked to get her first passport stamp. We took the tube all the way from LHR to our air bnb in Shoreditch, where we dropped off our bags and then wandered around fighting off sleep for a couple hours. We made it lil about 4 then went back to the air bnb and passed out super hard, effectively losing a day but definitely needed it. Our air bnb was a a little bit of an acid trip, it was the ground floor of a loft building so it was one big open apartment. The color scheme was orange and green, so there was fake grass covering the floor, and bright orange vinyl sofas and decor. Very trendy little place. The next day we tried to go to the Kendrick Lamar popup shop in Soho but abandoned the idea once we found out you have to book a specific time slot to show up. Then we walked past Westminster, Big Ben (under scaffolding until 2019 unfortunately) and Trafalgar Square where we got breakfast. Then we walked along the water and across the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Museum. It was pretty cold and rainy but it was a nice walk. We went back to the apartment and recouped before going out and exploring Shoreditch. I got the impression that Shoreditch and Hotxon were once pretty trendy and unknown areas a couple of years ago but have sprung up to be more of a bougie drinking neighborhood like Williamsburg. We went to a highly recommended restaurant called Flatiron which was nice, then went barhopping/exploring. Found a couple of neat places including this awesome indie bookstore, went to a pingpong bar (they love pingpong over there I guess) to spectate the after-hours suit and tie types play. We felt a little...lonely? we are not social creatures so its out of our comfort zones to make friends in new places but we really wished we could have made some friends/drinking buddies! Got hammered and crashed later that night. I lost my passport like an idiot at the Ping pong bar but went back as soon as we realized and it was waiting at the front desk. M got to carry my passport for the rest of the trip (maybe I was subconsciously trying to stay in the Uk?)

Next day we went to the British Museum via bus which was really amazing. I'd been there before so it was fun telling Marissa, "wait for it.." before we got into the main room with the huge vaulted ceiling. We saw a neat little exhibit about Soviet era Currency and of course saw the Rossetta Stone. Then we took the train to Camden and had a nice falafel lunch on the Locks. Killed time, had a beer and then went "home". We decided we'd get some frozen pizzas and made them in the over before packing/doing laundry and going to a little bar around the corner. 

Next day super early we took an uber to Kings Cross to get a train up North to Sheffield. It took about two and a half hours and was scenic. We got out at Sheffield station and walked around while we waited for my mom and brother, Peter, to come grab us. They had flown into Manchester that morning and rented a car for the hour long drive to Sheffield. Everyone was a little stressed out but by the time we got to my grandma's street we were fine. I had fun pointing out landmarks from my childhood to Marissa. Still tripping over the idea that she was there at that point. 

Thing is, my grandparents had no idea we were coming. The 23rd was my grandma's 80th birthday and my mom was the mastermind behind this whole surprise trip. So when we walked up the driveway with flowers and Champagne we could see her in the kitchen SCREAMING when she realized what was happening. I managed to film the whole thing (I filmed everything like I usually do when M and I go on trips), I've never seen my grandma cry so much. They're strong, silent, suffering Scottish folk. Total surprise :)

Next few days were really nice, we got to go out into the Yorkshire country-side and go hiking and see the sheep. We went out to a village called Eyam that was decimated by the Plague, and went inside this perfectly preserved 12th century church. Don't warm your damp, London fabrics by the fire, because I guess it reactivates the plague, I guess. We got to see my Aunt's Susan and Gwen, but we had to leave again on the Saturday (24th) before the little party my mom and Gwen had arranged for my grandmas friends. Not before going to this amazing restaurant called The Botanist downtown where we ate and drank for nearly 3 hours as a birthday dinner. Peter, M and I went out for drinks after and we made some friends :) Around 1 we took the train to Manchester, which was a little fucked because it was packed and we had to sit practically in the bathrooms. Imagine the LIRR on a Friday night. Transferred at Manchester to the airport shuttle and flew from the UK to .. uh. .Finland. 

We probably could have flown direct, but it was marginally cheaper to do a layover in Helsinki. And because we're young and already outside of the country and comfort zone we thought "fuck it, lets do a 15 hour layover in Finland." It was the right choice. Our flight from the UK to Finland was empty, M and I got several rows to ourselves. It was beautiful flying over Scandinavian Islands and lakes in the pitch black night. Once we landed is when the reality of being in a totally different country struck. It was 12 degrees when we landed but we disembarked directly onto the tarmac and onto a little bus rather than directly to the gate. There was packed ice under everything. Once we got to the terminal the whole airport was silent and ghostly. we took a cab (expensive but we didn't really know better) to the hotel we booked deep among snow drifts and coniferous trees, checked in and had a drink at the bar, then showered and hung out in the hotel room watching Finnish TV. Very surreal looking out over the city of Vaanta and seeing nothing but ice and trees with factory smoke in the distance. 

One thing we were struck by was a) how nice everyone was and b) how beautifully designed the city and airport were. The train to the airport was sunken deep into the earth and you could really see the Nordic influence in their structures. All exposed rock, pebbles and concrete.  We had the best complimentary breakfast ever in the hotel (with smoked fish in oil that we weren't brave enough to try at 8:30am) and went to the airport. We walked through security barely breaking stride and so we got to our gate very very early. For nonsmokers this might sound weird but there were these open smoking rooms in the airport where you could do your thing. In the bathroom they had bird sounds on a loop for that immersive pooping-in-nature experience. Beautifully designed airport with bathrooms every 100 feet and pop up shops/fish tanks. It started to snow while we were waiting. 

Anyways the flight was fine, we slept a lot. Another culture difference: vegetarian meals aren't a thing on Finnair (or rather, they are a thing, but you need to request 3 days in advance) and while neither M or I are vegetarians, M doesn't eat chicken or lamb, which were the two meal options. She suffered through the chicken, I happily enjoyed the lamb, which came with this soft cooked celery root. Interesting. We landed around 2pm EST, the 9 hour flight with the time difference meant we only lost 2 hours but Marissa had to work all this week (on Monday they made her stay from 8:30am-10pm and she was wrecked with the jet lag on top of that). This whole week has been insane for her. 

So that was our trip. Thanks for bearing with me if you read all of that. Its funny because we only booked these tickets at the end of January while I was on the Mighty Oak shoot, so if you'd told me over New Years we be going to Europe in February I would have found that pretty amusing. 

Back to reality. Yesterday (2.27) I went in to Nick for a shoot for Cereal Day. The premise was the same as those Candy Corn spots I did back in October, create Chase (from Paw Patrol) out of cereal and stop motion build both him and a title card. It was a great shoot, Danny assisted again. God bless Danny, he's a really good person to have on set. Never a complaint, good suggestions, learns the ropes instantly and laughs at my stupid jokes (VERY IMPORTANT). Inhye L was the production coordinator and helped buy all the cereal (I requested wayyyy too much), Andrea J was the Art Director. Really great team, I went home and edited the footage right away because I was so excited about it. Sincerely hope we get to do another of these in the future with this team, it was a super loose and fun set. Got to see Myriam W as well <3

Pics below, More later :)

PS. If you go to my Videography section you'll see all the videos Ive made of me and M's travel that I mentioned above. Ill be editing the England one this week and will post later. 




Samuel Shumway
Feb 7, 2018

Back again. The end of January/early February has been a whirlwind. 

On Saturday (2.3) the Super Bowl post for Nickelodeon went live on Youtube. It turned out really really good. Big props to whoever did the edit. I went in again on Tuesday (1.30) to do a quick and dirty Valentines day DIY shoot. Amanda Chung was the hand model, Keegan Gay and I ran the set. Dana was the producer, first time working with her as well as Jonathan, who I've seen around Nick but never worked with him. It was a good shoot, very scrappy. 

The next three days (1.31-2.1) I was brought on as an assistant animator for a Mighty Oak shoot for Air Bnb. It was a handful of brutal 12+ hour days but it was AWESOME. It was so cool to see how cohesively these talented Oak's work together. I was assisting Victoria A (lead animator) who is a stop motion magician. Also present was DP Zach P, creative director Michaela O, producer Niki J. Rose K and Katie T were art dept. Not forget Greg the PA who is the chillest guy ever. In general Im most comfortable being on set, but this one was particularly nice because the content was so cool. The premise was basically advice for hosts to make their Airbnb listing more desirable, so it was a lot of styling and gradually changing rooms from messy/disorganized to clean. Victoria and Zach are a stop motion dream-team and big thanks to Rose for letting me do some art dept work on downtime because that stuff is my jam. Biggest thanks of all goes to Niki for running such tight set and just generally being great. I did a lil green screen hand modeling on Friday. These babies pay the bills, I'm only along for the ride. 

Took this weekend to recover and watch the Super Bowl with M. Eagles managed to pull it off somehow (go eagles!). M and I stayed in and made twice-baked potatoes, spinach artichoke dip, lil pigs in a blanket, pre-cooked ribs? (not good, don't recommend), and nachos. Last year we made ribs (from scratch) in the crock pot and took them to The Craic in Williamsburg to watch the game, but we both needed a quiet weekend this time. It was nice.

Monday (2.5) I went in to Mighty Oak to do some fabrication stuff. They are doing a handful of miniature rooms so I made a kitchen countertop according to their style frames and the cutest tiniest boat to sit atop a dresser in the bedroom. Pics below. Had the pleasure of working with Sami Kerwin (@sami.kerwin), Hillary _____, Emily Collins (@emily_collins), and Anthony Galente (@iamgalente). I was a little intimidated at first but once we got going it was super smooth. Looking forward to seeing these spots! As per my last blog post, working with the Oak's is still the best part of 2018 so far. 


On Tuesday (2.27) I got asked to do another shoot at Nick, this time by myself. Its in the same vein as the spots I did with Danny Aviles back in October but with cereal instead of candy corn. National cereal day is 3.7. I've asked if I can bring an assistant because its a lot for one person to do, so we'll see what they say. 

Feeling good about 2018 so far. Just got to keep hustling. 


Samuel Shumway
Jan 22, 2018

.....I'm back. A lot has been going on, most of it good. The Ballpit Mag interview went up!  Other than that December was very slow. I continued to do this video for Klutz, which is coming along.

Marissa and I stayed in NYC for Xmas, my mom and brother came up to visit and it was nice, if a little stressful hosting. Marissa was very sad not to be with her family understandably. I think next year we'll make sure that happens. We got some incredibly thoughtful gifts from her Poppy and Nancy, as well as from my grandparents. I got her a heated blanket (hers broke) and she got me a drone(!!!) which I still haven't opened because I'm too intimidated by it HA. We made a turkey ham in the oven which turned out better than we thought it would. The next day I took the train to Baltimore to housesit for my mom while she was visiting my grandparents in the UK. Marissa joined me on the 29th and we attended Adam Weiner and Andy Carroll's wedding. Adam was my first roommate in college and it was SO nice to see some of my old friends including Dan Berkowitz, Drew Sanders, Zach Turner, Chase DuBois and more. Sad that Harper Alexander couldn't make it but I saw him over the summer in LA. Then Marissa and I had a very quiet, uneventful New Years at my mom's house and came back to NYC on the 2nd. 

Its clear to me that my biggest New Years resolution is to become better with money, and I don't know what I would do without M. The first two weeks of 2018 were spent coasting off my last Nickelodeon paycheck and I've been hustling like crazy for work. Very uninspired recently as far as making paper food, but still back-burnering the end goal of making a paper cookbook. I'm so thankful for the attention and work Ive gotten from my paper food on instagram so I need to remind myself that its the best way to get exposure.  

On a more uplifting note, before Christmas break I got two pretty interesting gigs. The first was for the Swedish watch company Daniel Wellington. They wanted a 10 second social post for New Years in exchange for a watch. I don't normally work for watches but it was a cool gig and I got total creative freedom so I took it. The other gig was for Berlin based food delivery company Foodora (kind of like their version of Seamless, i believe). January is vegetarian/vegan month so they asked for 5 quick and dirty loops for their blog illustrating "fruit facts", in the vein of "did you know apples and pears are in the rose family?" I sent those off this morning so hopefully they'll get back to me. It was a VERY MESSY shoot. I used a bedsheet as seamless and there was popcorn grease and tomato guts all over it by the end. 

On Friday (1.19) I did another quick shoot at Nickelodeon, making DIY snacks for the super bowl (Patriots vs. Eagles, go EAGLES!!!). Amanda Chung and I were the hand models, Noel Claro, propmaster, and Peter Samuels assisted. Kelly directed, good to work with her again. She's a no nonsense director who knows exactly what she wants which I admire a lot. Got to see Andrew Roland and Morgan Rosenthal as well, always a pleasure. Those will go live on or before 2.4. Pics below. 

On Wednesday (1.17) Marissa (Grl Supply) got invited to set up a table at a WeWork event at Madison Square Garden. Neither of us had a clue what we were getting into but it was really cool. It was more like a trade show with a lot of non-profits and WeWork users and we set up in the lobby while there was a performance by Mackelmore (yeah, i dunno) and award ceremony in the theater. Very weird and casual but people were into her stuff and there was free food and drinks so it was pretty worth it. 

Guess thats all for now, Ian Cameron, one of my best childhood friends is visiting this weekend, good to have him :)

OMG! I totally forgot to mention the BEST PART of 2018 SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!! In early January I reached out to A Mighty Oak to ask if they needed any help with anything i.e. animation, storyboarding, editing etc etc. If you don't know Mighty Oak you should. They run a stop motion studio out of Red Hook and have worked with tons of companies to create awesome animation work. I was introduced through Myriam Wilson and Noel Claro and I've followed them on instagram for a long time. I believe they're mostly RISD grads? Emily Collins, the Creative director reached out to me and asked if I'd come in the next day to do some storyboarding (Heck yes!!!) and I had the best time. Firstly, I finally got back into doing some illustration, which was rusty even though thats what my degree is in. Secondly I forgot how amazing and stimulating it is to work in a collaborative environment. I was also graced with the presence of some incredible people including but not limited to Jess Peterson, founder. Anthony Galente, @Iamgalente, art director (i think?), and Marisha ____, an editor (again, i think). I worked one full day and one 3/4 day the next week. The 3/4 day was a little rocky because I had to face my worst fear (AfterEffects) and I kept making dumb mistakes like making gif's not loop continuously and asking dumb AE questions but they are aware that my wheelhouse is fabrication, illustration and Dragonframe animation so I think they'll give the editing to someone more qualified than me in the future. Meantime I've been spending a lot of time with youtube tutorials, trying to crash course my way into Intermediacy. Anyways, I hope I get the chance to work with them again because its been the highlight of my year so far. 

Pics below, more pics later, phone's acting up. 

Samuel Shumway
Dec 16, 2017

Another stupid crazy week. Im surprised at myself for maintaining this blog but I think I'm going to want to remember this one so its not been too difficult to get it all out there.

There's been a snowball effect thanks to that Creative Boom article and I have Katy Cowan to thank for that (Thanks Katy!). It seems like three consecutive days in a row I've woken up to a stream of notifications. I got reposted on instagram by Etapes, a French Design blog as well as their website, as well as Design and Paper (Vienna, Austria). I also was reached out to by Fubiz, a huge French Design company asking for a feature (yes, of course!) and got reposted on instagram on Fubiz Food. The paper food is trending well in France for some reason. The Ballpit Mag interview hasnt dropped yet, but thats ok :) I also got reblogged by the biggest instagram handle yet, Yorukobu for a total of 1084 likes which was incredible. Some other notable reposts, Shahrtash Studio, in Tehran, Iran, who translated my Creative Boom article. @TapachulaTLV, in Tel Aviv, Israel. @TheAgnularStones in Madrid, Spain. I think thats all i can remember right now.

Its been incredibly humbling knowing that people enjoy my paper food. Food is a global unifier, it seems. Here's to hoping I can keep it up :)

On Thursday (12.14) I was on a shoot for Nick Jr. at Shio Studio's in East Williamsburg. Dane Tashima was the photographer. I got the priviledge of working with my prop buddies, Aniza and Peter under Noel Claro. Kristen Williams was design director, Myriam WIlson was PC, Lauren Tempesta was the PA. This is my third shoot with this premise, the first being about 18 months ago. This was an i-spy style game where you find the character among their props. I think it'll turn out nicely. 

On Sunday (12.10) was Marissa's triumphant return the the Queens Craft Brigade in Astoria, Queens. We got there really early to set up, her sales went really well. I left early, I think we both ate something gnarly. She also did a workshop at Bulletin on Wednesday (12.13) which was sold out. She would bring the banners and a bunch of hand cut letters and people would make their own custom banners. Some very cool banners came out of that. I love the ransom-note style type. 

More later, pics below as usual. Snow yesterday,I spent the day at the Met and saw the David Hockney exhibit. Beautiful. 

PS. I added a "press" section to my website, probably premature but it makes me feel good

PPS. Working on a short social post for Daniel Wellington, the watch company tonight, will post later. They sent me a beautiful watch. 

Samuel Shumway
Dec 6, 2017

Well, its been a pretty crazy week or two. Coming off of Thanksgiving I got two interesting emails. The first was from Creative Boom ( asking if I would be interested in being featured on their site (heck yes). The second was from Ballpit Magazine asking if I'd be willing to be interviewed (also yes) Creative Boom got posted immediately on their site and social which was really nice. We'll see when Ballpit Magazine posts my interview and Ill post it here. Very exciting stuff, im humbled that people think my paper food is interesting enough to share to their readers. My fear is that I'll get stuck in the paper food box and won't be able to break out with my other work, but thats a problem for future me (or maybe not a problem at all, who knows.)

Link to the Creative boom feature here . Titled "Paper Food By Samuel Shumway That Looks Good Enough to Eat." Big thanks to Katy Cowan who reached out to me for it. 

The other big news is that the Thinx holiday campaign dropped!! Imposting the screengrabs below. I think they look amazing!! Big big props to the photographer who made these boxes look so good and of course to Miles at Thinx for being my contact there. 

Other than that I have an illustration commission that im working on, nothing too crazy. I'm also making a DIY video for Klutz which has been in the works for a while. Unfortunately its required a couple reshoots but hopefully that means itll look really great when its finally done. Deadline isnt  until February so not too stressed over it. 

Lastly Noel Claro reached out to me on Friday asking if I could come into Parson's to help construct a series of laser cut buildings for a Parson's x Benjamin Moore collaboration. That was a lot of fun. Pics below. We are going to do another High N Seek shoot for Nick Jr. next week so stay tuned for some BTS pics from that. It'll be good to get back on set, working from home is driving me crazy a little. 

No other big news except it looks like M and I will be staying in New York for Christmas this year. A little excited about that, Trying to find cat sitters around the holidays sucks. We got our tree last week and it looks really nice. 

Samuel Shumway
Nov 18, 2017

I told you I'd forget to update this didnt I?


Today (11.8) was the Spongebob "You Bring the Color" FB live event! Unfortunately i was watching it from my bed instead of being on set :( Monday (11.7)  we did a full load-in and dress rehearsal. Saw lots of familiar faces, Shayla, JZ, Anne Jacobs, Kristen Williams, Keve (the gaffer and all around great guy) Lauren Tempesta, New DP called Nick, etc etc. I got to Noel's at 7:30am and we each drove a car full of probs to Viacom loading dock. I was feeling gnarly around 10am and it got progressively worse all day, fever-y and with a cough. The cough was the big problem, I can't be on set for a Facebook live video with live audio coughing. Got home and wrote in sick. I felt awful about it, this is the second time I've taken off work due to illness in a month (the first being the cut finger a few weeks ago). From what I hear the video went great, it definitely looked great from where I was watching it. Shout out to Peter Samuels for stepping in to fill my place last minute. Worked with Aniza, Amanda and Noel to prep for this, see last post

Also today I had to drop off my paper boxes for Thinx! I really enjoyed this project, I just wish I'd had a little more time. This was a week turnaround on 10 boxes (5 designs, 2 each) and there wasnt a ton of room for trial and error. This will be for a Holiday campaign called "Seasons Bleedings" (Thinx is a period-proof underwear company), so the boxes needed to have "doors" that open outward. I say "boxes" but thats not quite right, see pics bellow. Thanks again to Nicole Licht (@yomissnicole) and also @milesbaretto for being my point person there. Miles graduated w/ Marissa at Parsons. Small world.

Battling this/fever/cough/cold whatever for the rest of the week, fortunately I have no gigs coming up so I've got recovery time. 

11.18 UPDATE!

I did two more paper foods that im pretty proud of. Attached below. I also made a holiday card with my roomates.

Samuel Shumway
Nov 1, 2017

This past weekend was pretty nuts, Marissa ( had to make a hundred banners for Bulletin, a pop up store for women crafters and creatives. We ended up making around 27 before we realized how insane that was. We worked Friday night, a big chunk of Saturday and all of Sunday sewing and cutting out letters (totally not my wheelhouse, Marissa had to give me pretty explicit instructions) and M didnt go to work on Monday because of overworking. BUT we got to binge all of Stranger Things.

On Tuesday (Halloween) I went to Noel Claro's to prep for a Nickelodeon Facebook Live shoot that is happening next Tuesday. The idea is that two people will be making Spongebob and Patrick out of found objects for 90 mins on FB and veiwers can give them challenges to complete. Aniza and Terrell will be the talent, Aniza, Amanda Chung (@amdachu) and I will be assisting Noel. Shayla, Jonathan and Myriam will be directing, coordinating, and camera-op-ing. We load in on Monday and shoot on Tuesday.

Also Tuesday I went to Thinx, a company that specializes in making period-proof underwear for women for a meeting. Im making a 5 paper "boxes" that open to reveal gift cards for the holidays. Thanks to Nicole Licht (@yomissnicole) for recommending me.  More on that later.

Monday was National Candy Corn Day! The two videos I made for Nick got posted on their respective instagrams. The Spongebob one in particular did really well (33.5k views, 11.4k likes) so that was nice to see. Shout out to Danny Aviles for helping out and Myriam Wilson for coordinating. Also to Kristen Williams for her direction. I've always enjoyed working with them. 

Yesterday the Viacom pumpkin got posted! Special thanks to Marie Mihna for getting me that gig and also for shooting it, it looked great. 

Lastly I made a cute, really quick and dirty stop motion for Halloween. It was likely the least effort I've made on an animation ever but it was simple and turned out really funny. Posted below. 

Thats all for now, more soon. 

Samuel Shumway
Oct 24, 2017

Second blog post. Today started pretty early. I handed off the pumpkin i've been carving for Viacom. Due to short shelf life, my Sunday was entirely devoted to carving so it would be fresh to shoot. Marie Mhina got me this gig (lots of love, @worthlesscxnt) and she came over early on her way to work to grab it. Super unique ask: One pumpkin with all of Viacom's umbrella logos carved into it (MTV, BET, Nick, Nick jr., Comedy Central, Viacom and Paramount) Very Very big thanks to Marie for recommending me and being so into the carved pumpkin.

Still working on the CandyCorn edit. Contrary to my previous post National Candy Corn Day is Oct. 30th not Oct 23th so thank goodness for that. Getting notes and making fixes thanks to Myriam Wilson. 

On Thursday night I cut my left index finger with an x-acto. Believe it or not first cut i've ever gotten with an x-acto that needed medical attention in all my time using them, which is pretty incredible. I was working on nothing important which is a bummer, I was cutting foamcore without scoring it. Always score, dont hack at it. M and I went to the ER Friday morning and got it patched up. Almost 80% healed as I type this late Monday but put a big damper on any paper work I'd been formulating. Tiny phobia of blades developing, hopefully temporary. 

Last week I assisted Noel Claro (@noelclaro) with Amanda Chung (@amdachu) on a shoot by Leeway with Curious Jane and Barnes and Noble. I couldn't assist the shoot because I was working on the Viacom pumpkin but I spent two days building props. Pics attached. Cant wait to see how it turns out, usually we work in mirco so macro was a fun challenge.

Lastly tonight I'm helping Grl.Supply, the lifestyle brand of my gf and bff Marissa prep for her upcoming market thats still under wraps. More about that soon but she needs at least 10 of each of her banners for wholesale purposes so im helping cut out letters. 

On Oct 16 I went to Klutz to talk about a new DIY video for a make-your-own-stickers situation. Looks like it might be a solo December shoot. Details l8r.  Saw Kristen (@kristencarder) a fellow fair vendor who's work outside (and inside obv)  of Klutz is f-ing awesome. 

also business cards came from! Thank you Moo!

Samuel Shumway
Oct 12, 2017

Since creating this website I think its important to have a log of what happened and when. I have left behind a long legacy of empty diaries, and in conjunction with poor memory it has resulted in lots of forgotten moments. This blog is an attempt to remedy that, so we'll see how it goes. 

Yesterday I was at Nickelodeon, shooting a stop motion post of Mikey from TMNT out of Halloween Candy, particularly candy corn for National Candy Corn Day (Oct. 23). Danny Aviles assisted and Myriam Wilson was the production coordinator. JZ (Jonathan) was the producer. We used my two soft boxes as the LED panels were not available. Today I'm editing the footage and tomorrow we're back in the studio to shoot Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants. Shayla will be producing with oversight from Kristen Williams. 

For these candy builds I'll usually build the whole thing in advance and capture the removal of one candy per frame via Dragonframe. Then in post I'll reverse it so it looks like the candy is building itself. In addition we'll be creating a title card ("Happy Candy Corn Day") to also be reversed. 

Meanwhile I'm working on the new website for Leeway, a content production company. Its been a little slow with everything else thats going on but we hope to launch the week of October 23rd. Ill be assisting on set Sunday Oct. 22 for a shoot with Curious Jane x Barnes and Noble and hopefully get some stills and BTS from that shoot for the website. 

Also on October 23rd I'll be delivering a pumpkin carving to Viacom that I've been commissioned to do. It will have all the logos that of Viacom's sub-companies (MTV, BET, Paramount etc) carved into it. Im a little apprehensive about this one because the shelf life of a carved pumpkin is very very short, meaning I can't get started until the weekend before. Also if I mess up a logo I'll need to start from scratch on a new pumpkin. The process for this will be printing the logos on transfer paper and using lino cut tools. Ill be working on a test pumpkin this weekend. 

Lastly, I had some free time on Monday so I made a little paper ice cream truck. I think it turned out really cute. 

Thats all for now. Fingers crossed I can keep this up!

Samuel Shumway